The Games

In addition to the more familiar games and puzzles (Crossword, Word Searches, Mystery Verse, Puzzle Master…), Bible Gamz contains several games of my own creation.

Here are some samples…

Solve using the clue and acronym provided. (Example: Carved on High (TTC) = The Ten Commandments)


All the answers in this game contain the word “air”. (Example: Cow Produce = dAIRy)


All the answers are two words with the initials “AM” or “PM”. (Example: Eve = Adam’s Mate)


Each of the answers contains the same letter twice in a row. (Example: Wilderness Wafer = maNNa)


Each answer begins and ends with the same letter. (Example: Joseph & Mary’s Hiding Place = AfricA)


ALL the vowels have been removed from the Bible people or place names AND the remaining consonants are BACKWARDS. (Example: mnrpc = Capernaum)


If you represent a church, school, ministry, bookstore or other business or organization that would consider purchasing books in volume, I’d be happy to send you a sample book with all the games. To request one just email clark at this domain or use the contact form.




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