Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What age(s) are Bible Gamz books designed for?

A: Approximately age 10-100+. Most of the games are clue-based and each clue comes with a Scripture reference where you’ll find the answer if you can’t figure it out on your own. 

Q: Is Bible Gamz an educational tool or a game book?

A: It is both! For younger users and those who aren’t real familiar with the Word, Bible Gamz is more of a fun, educational tool. The older and more familiar with Scripture a user is, the more the book will function as diversion with a purpose. 🙂

Q: Do you have discounted rates for volume purchases?

A: Yes! For more info please email clark at this domain or use the contact form. Volume discounts are available for churches, schools, bookstores, Bible camps, retreat centers, senior centers, tour companies, ministries, fundraisers… pretty much anyone with an application for multiple copies.

Q: What types of applications does the book have?

A: It’s by no means comprehensive, but here’s a list of some of the ways books have been used or could be used:

  • Middle-School/High School Group Activity
  • Senior or Life Group Activity
  • Vacation or Missions Travel Activity
  • Family Activity
  • Homeschool Resource
  • Bible Camp/Retreat Activity
  • Church/Camp Store or Christian Bookstore Resale Item
  • Fundraising
  • Door/Raffle Prizes or Gift Basket Item
  • “Stay Perk” for Christian Lodging 
  • Christian Business Waiting Room Material
  • Volunteer/Supporter/Employee “Thank You”
  • Christian Tour Company Perks
  • … (Would love your ideas and suggestions!)

Q: The book says “First Edition”, does that mean there will be future editions?

A: I sure hope so. It just depends on how well the first edition is received so if you like the book, feel free to do what you can to help raise awareness. Like the Facebook Page and interact with posts there. Make sure your church has seen the book (I’m happy to send sample copies). Think of other people you know who may have use and interest in Bible Gamz and make sure they know about it. Pray for favor. 🙂


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